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The Horror


I, for one, welcome our laughing baby overlords.
Link. (Google video with sound - and you really need sound to appreciate this properly.)

Food is bad


Warehouses are good.
"Last month, a representative from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department placed an eviction notice on the gate of the approximately 14-acre South Central Farm in Los Angeles, presumed to be the largest urban community garden in the United States. While the last thread of their legal case lingers in court, keeping eviction at bay, farmer-organizers and their supporters are engaged in round-the-clock political organizing to save the farm’s 300-plus survival gardens from replacement by a private warehouse."
The warehouse will probably be used to store preservative-heavy canned vegetables grown 2,000 miles away by slave laborers.
"Interviewed in December 2005, Horowitz was not specific about his intentions for the site, which is zoned for light manufacturing. 'My plans are market-driven,' he said. 'When we get the property back, we’re going to determine what the viable use is depending on the market conditions, and we’ll do that. If someone was in need of a manufacturing plant or a warehouse, we’d do that for them,'" because we really need more shit, and more places to put said shit.
Link to NewStandard story.
Here's a website with lots of info and pics.
Sign an online petition here, if that's your thing.
Here it is from above! Beautiful, no?

Goat on a pole


"This zine is about Goatonapole, the philosophy of being that holds that there is a Goat and a Pole and that the Goat is on the Pole. Adherents of Goatonapole often shout the mantra "The goat's on a pole!" to remind others of this central and single tenet of Goatonapole, that they might come to a deeper understanding. This singular truth and its careful consideration comprise the next step forward in the search of conscious beings for meaning in existence."
Yeah. I don't see what I could possibly add to that.
Via Metafilter.

How not to sell out


In this perfectly delightful post, we'll explore an example of how to do the opposite of selling out, whatever that's called.
"The Thermals, a rambunctious rock band from Portland, Ore., were en route between gigs last year when they got a phone call from their label, Sub Pop. Hummer wanted to pay them $50,000 for the right to use their song 'It's Trivia' in a commercial.
'We thought about it for about 15 seconds, maybe,' lead singer Hutch Harris said.
They said no."
I know it's old news. I've been busy. Or something.

COINTELPRO is watching you.


Systematic, illegal domestic surveillance is nothing new. "Thirty-five years ago today [March 8], a group of anonymous activists broke into the small, two-man office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Media, Pa., and stole more than 1,000 FBI documents that revealed years of systematic wiretapping, infiltration and media manipulation designed to suppress dissent." Full story here.
Eamon Martin, co-editor of the Asheville Global Report has a piece in the current edition of CounterPunch in which he describes his own close encounters of the creepy kind.
"It had been two months since I'd been arrested in Seattle during the WTO demonstrations, and one month since my step-brother had died from a heroin overdose in New Jersey. I was ringing up some books for this older man -- who I later discovered was named John Quigley [a retired local field director of the FBI] -- when he casually uncorked the shocking comment: 'Oh, Eamon... did I read somewhere that your brother was sick? You're a writer, right?'"
For context, "the FBI has listed Indymedia -- an open source newswire born out of the WTO protests which disseminates news very similar to our newspaper -- as one of the current, top ten domestic terrorist threats in the US. Did you catch that? The FBI now considers disseminating news an act of terrorism."
If you disseminate news on the way to torch an SUV while freeing lab rats, you're in really deep shit!
"John Lewis, FBI deputy assistant director for counterterrorism, told a Senate committee earlier this year that environmental and animal-rights activists who have turned to arson and explosives are the nation's 'top domestic-terrorism threat.'"
You go get those bad guys, FBI!

I think that at this point, if the FBI is NOT keeping tabs on you, you're probably not doing your job as an activist!

Patriarchal nightmare


"When the stem cells were cultured in a way to induce them to become heart cells, after five days about half of the cells contracted 'spontaneously, rhythmical and synchronously, suggesting the presence of electrical communication' between the cells..."
Where did they come from? Menstrual blood. Yup. Link. I can't wait to see what angle the fundies take on this one.

Chef calls it quits!


I'm speachless. Link.

Virtual bubble wrap!


It's about time.
Complete with a diagnostics section:
  1. Snappers - these are the good ones - fairly easy to pop, and loud. (fig. 1)
  2. Hardcores - these seem to flatten yet don't pop without Herculean effort.
  3. Duds - these just flatten with a disappointing and unfulfilling 'fffssssss' sound.
  4. Buddy Bubbles - these reinflate a neighboring 'buddy' bubble when squeezed.
Oh happy day! Now get popping! (requires Flash)

The Simpsons Live


You've probably already seen this, but if not... You should. (imbedded video with sound)

Hufu! Yum!


Having trouble reconciling your love for human flesh with your vegetarianism? Fret no more, a tasty (and healthy) alternative is here!
"These native dumplings filled with hufu (or human flesh), sago and yam are prized for their taste as well as their ability to make you fierce and brave in tribal combat."
Be sure to cook it up while wearing your handsome and stylish Easter Island chef's apron! Bon appetit!

Pillow Fight Club


"The first rule of Pillow Fight Club is that you must tell everyone about Pillow Fight Club."
Hundreds gathered in San Francisco on St. Valentines Day for a massive pillow fight. The local ABC news affiliate has photos and crappy imbedded video here. Lots more pics on Flickr. Here's the Wikipedia entry with links to more pics.



Over the next few days, I'll be going through my favorites folder and posting random stuff that I find interesting/fun/noteworthy. Bear with me.
This game is terribly fun and satisfying and wrong.
Save the falling kittens from a hard landing (or don't).
(warning: flash game with sound)



For people with ALOT of time on their hands, comes googlewhack...
"Your goal: find that elusive query (two words - no quote marks) with a single, solitary result!"
Examples: nicknaming pansexuals, diabolical throatwash, ultraliberal hardcourt.
Have fun, and please comment with your successful googlewhacks!



"Security forces in central Somalia have apprehended a suspect in the hijacking of a humanitarian aid vessel at the town of Merka town four months ago.
The waters off Somalia are the most dangerous in the world and ships have been warned to stay far out to sea.
The rise in piracy means that aid to the 2 million people suffering the effects of drought is now delivered overland - where it is vulnerable to the roadblocks operated by gunmen.
Meanwhile, the trial of 10 alleged pirates arrested by the US navy has begun in the Kenyan port of Mombasa.
The men have denied the charges and said they did not know why they had been "abducted" from their fishing boat.
There are no widely recognized courts in Somalia, however, local warlords and Islamic groups have set up judicial systems in some areas.
The transitional Somali government has signed a $50 million two-year deal with a private US marine security company to carry out coastal patrols.
However, it is not clear where this money would come from, as the government has not effectively taken office."
They don't look like they've been livin' too high on the hog from their multitudinous riches won at sea.
From the BBC.

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